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Terms of Carriage

Tickets are £4.50 for a Day Pass on our miniature train, opening times are generally 11:30 - 3:30, however this is a guide and is subject to change. A day pass is the same price for adults and children.

Parental supervision is required at all times for children too young to ride alone. AVMR retains the right to deny carriage for any reason, including but not limited to individuals causing a potential hazard, being aggressive, or not adhering to the rules of the railway.

Tickets which have been validated will not be refunded (for any reason). Validation refers to the exchange of the physical tickets purchased at the Gift Shop for a stamp upon first boarding.

"Unlimited rides" is only applicable to the day of purchase and is non-transferable. Those seen transferring tickets will be denied carriage. 


AVMR retains the right to cancel trains early due to reasons such as technical issues, inclement weather, and driver availability. In such circumstances, refunds will not be given. If you have not already exchanged the train ticket for a stamp, tickets can be retained for future use (valid for 4 weeks). However, it is necessary to speak to miniature railway staff regarding this on the day of cancellation; otherwise, they will not be valid.

We ask that all passengers keep their hands and feet inside the train at all times, and do not attempt to stand up or lean out. If you have any issues, please speak to the operator. 


Please be aware that while riding the miniature railway operated by Go Loco Leisure LTD, AVMR cannot be held liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur. By boarding the train, passengers assume all risks associated with the ride and acknowledge that AVMR and its staff are not responsible for any personal injury, loss, or damage to personal belongings. It is essential for passengers to exercise caution, follow safety instructions, and remain seated during the journey. AVMR strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience but cannot guarantee the absence of all potential risks. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Any questions regarding the railway should be directed to

We hope you enjoy your visit to Aln Valley and hope to see you again soon.

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