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Railway Hire Packages

Rates below are per day. Large discounts are offered for events which cover multiple days. Long term hire also available.

For private events see our pricing plans below. 

To confirm booking, a 25% deposit must be paid - invoice will be sent (payment by bank transfer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the railway take to set-up? 

A. Between 45mins and 1hr 30 (depending on ground conditions, weather and venue)

Q. Can I book it to my house? 

A. Yes! But you should send a couple of photos of where you'd like the railway - remember that we need access to unload the railway from a small van and a long, flat area to place the railway. 

Q. Can it go in a circle?

A. Unfortunately our track cannot loop around, the line must be a there-and-back line. However we can offer a 90 degree curve to avoid obstacles.

Q. Can it go up a hill? 

A. Those with a measure app or similar will be able to measure the gradient of an area. If there are gradients exceeding 2 degrees (or 1 in 50) our train will unfortunately not be able to operate.

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