Whitewalls on wheels - Nick

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Whitewalls are a significant and interesting addition to wheels on miniature trains. This is why some of our stock has whitewalls painted on!

Today I painted whitewalls onto one of the trucks, we think these trucks will be perfect for storage on the portable line- carrying refreshments for the drivers during busier summer days!

The photo shows the chassis of one of the wagons. The bodywork fits snugly on top!

The white walls are based on the standard Caledonian paint scheme, the same livery as my steam loco '534'.

Some of other rolling stock has whitewalls too - such as the carriage!

As you can see, this wheel-set is significantly chunkier, therefore this 7 1/4" gauge wheel-set is for a narrow gauge style carriage. As seen on the photo below! (The carriage behind Scamp no3)

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