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Updated: Jan 14

What is standard gauge and how is it different to narrow gauge?

In full size, as the name suggests, the narrow-gauge railway is essentially distinguished by a smaller gauge width of just 750 mm. This gives it a number of advantages over railways with normal gauges (1435 mm). The narrower gauge enables tighter curves to be taken, especially in valleys and in generally difficult terrain. (

This is why 'Scamp no3' is a larger locomotive than '534' despite being the same gauge (distance between the tracks).

The standard gauge trucks!

Slow but steady progress is being made with my two standard gauge trucks. Last night I made a start on lettering, and today it is time for a second coat. I've only one more side to complete after the second coat has been applied.

I am hand painting each individual letter because I think it offers a more authentic look,

I'm not a big fan of transfers. These trucks are going to be based on Caledonian Railways trucks, used on the mainline, therefore I am adding lots of detail in order to do them justice!

My next job is to start on some more detailing for the second truck in addition to the outer chassis frame work, which I don't have parts for as of yet.

I will update you on my progress with these trucks and my other projects regularly on this site - so be sure to check back soon!

- Nick

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