Passenger Rolling Stock

Updated: Jan 14

Our heavy duty carriage is constructed of welded metal and is very cleverly designed. to allow for the most luxurious journey possible.


Built by a miniature railway supplier based in Port Talbot, our carriage was delivered to us past-built. Purchased during the 2020 lockdown and we are really impressed with the quality of the carriage.

7 1/4" Gauge Scamp Locomotive Portable Train Hire

Delivered to us on a very large pallet. The carriage didn't include wheels, therefore we used some secondhand wheel sets. We refurbished these at the Lakeshore Railroad Workshops. If you haven't heard of Lakeshore Railroad before, please follow this link to find out more- it's a great railway with some great people!

Red Miniature Train Wheels Portable Railway 7 1/4" gauge

These are the wheel-sets used in the carriage! They work very well beneath the carriage and offer a very smooth and comfortable ride for passengers.

Large Scale Locomotives Carriage 7 1/4" gauge train

The carriage was painted in purple, with black paint and grip tape on the footboards in order to keep its appearance neat and to stop the carriage from tipping bring use. The last thing to do was to paint the end panels and then add lining to spruce up the carriage!

7 1/4" gauge Scamp Locomotive with Large Scale Locomotives Carriage Miniature Railway Supply Company Track PNP Railways Track

And there we have it behind the scamp! (it was very cold when we took that photo!)


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