Navigator Maintenance...

Navigator, also known as Scamp 3, is a great little locomotive, however, every now and then parts can and will fail.

Today it was the speed controller which failed... - luckily I had a spare in the workshop!

Colin, the designer of this very nifty locomotive, suggested taking the engine block and seat off to get a good look underneath. This is a new locomotive to me and I can often forget how quickly it comes apart and goes back together again!

The locomotive can be driven without the speed controller, instead by using the clutch. For me, this would be a good solution if the controller broke again whilst the locomotive was at an event, less so if working in battery electric mode.

I turned the locomotive on its side very gently - these locomotives are strong but I don’t want to risk it! I then took off the controller box to assess the situation - I have never before had a good look at the wiring on this locomotive as I only got it last year and I have never had the need to fix anything electrical yet.

The controller died in a strange way, no white smoke and no visible issues. Either way, I replaced it with a new controller of the same type. Whilst I was there I adjusted the brakes and had a good inspection to gain a further understanding of this magnificent locomotive, in addition to making a couple of predictions of what might be the next thing to be replaced!

Anyway, I wired the controller in, and secured the electrical box back in place- hopefully it will stay on for another few years! Gave it a little test- it’s all working well.

The last thing was to give everything a nice clean and put the locomotive back together, in addition to ordering some more spare parts!


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