Ex-GLMR Locomotive (Electric Shunter)

An ex-GLMR locomotive, now named 'BigFoot' seen in service at the Epping and Ongar Miniature Railway, a portable miniature railway built on the platform at the heritage railway.

Epping Ongar Miniature Railway - GLMR Portable Miniature Railway Hire
GLMR Portable Miniature Railway Hire UK Newcastle Electric 7 1/4" gauge Shunter

Purchased from a small collection in the Lake District, it was in a poor state when it arrived to us. Over the course of its time with us, it underwent significant changes. Most notably a complete overhaul of the electronics inside. including a brand new motor, and a whole new drive system which featured regenerative braking (and reverse!)

We also painted the locomotive and finished the bodywork in Jaguar Black paint, and added finishing touches (such as the front grill). We also acquired and restored a new driving truck, seen in the left picture, for use with the locomotive. The locomotive was ultimately sold to be used on the Epping and Ongar Portable Miniature Railway.

We believe this locomotive has now changed owner a couple of times. We'd love to see it again soon!

- Patrick

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