Running a safe railway

How do we operate a safe miniature railway at every event?

7 1/4" Gauge Portable Miniature Railway Hire UK - Miniature Tram 7.25" gauge
Safety is one of the most important factors in ensuring a successful event!

That's why we have detailed risk assessments covering everything from braking to Covid-19.

Having sufficient brakes is one of the most important things in operating a safe railway, that's why we have at least two different types of brakes on each train in order to ensure a safe emergency stop!

For instance, our backup locomotive 'Buddy' uses the hydraulic drive as a brake, as it can brake with the same force of which it can accelerate. In addition, we operate it with a mechanically braked driving truck as a backup. In a similar way, 'Scamp no3' can be stopped by turning off power to the motor,. In addition it has a very strong mechanical brake, which is operated in a similar fashion to a car handbrake. We also operate at slower speeds on our railway, our trains travel at roughly 3 or 4 mph on less stable surfaces, with a maximum speed of 6mph.

This is just one example of the risk management plans we enforce to ensure an enjoyable event for all - we are also fully insured for commercial operations by an experienced, specialist company.

We're perfect for any event you're planning - get in touch!

- Patrick

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