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About us

We are a fully insured 7 ¼” gauge portable miniature railway, with years of experience in operating miniature railways. As one of the largest commercial portable miniature railways in the North East, we can offer visitors an unrivalled experience on this unique attraction, conjuring feelings of nostalgia through our heritage style locomotives which are loved by adults and children alike.


As part of a tight-knit community of portable miniature railways around the country, we set a high standard for quality in miniature railway safety and enjoyment. We follow all HSE guidelines and have full risk assessments and operations guides, covering everything from barriers to train brakes.

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From Google Reviews

GLMR are a professional and fun set up which will make a welcome addition to any site or event. I've used them professionally and as a regular visitor at a pop up event and they are a fab team. Kids love it!

From Google Reviews

My children had such a lovely day today with the unlimited rides option. They really enjoyed chatting to the driver and finding out about the train too. It was a great addition to the garden centre visit and we look forward to seeing you again!

From Facebook

Went along on Saturday and my kids really enjoyed it. They liked that it was in the woods and different to last time . The guys running it were really friendly. We’d definitely like to see it become a fixture…

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Meet the Team


Patrick David Allen

Contact: 07484829275


Jamie Barnshaw


Portable Miniature Railway

Nick Wright

Steam Technician.



Social Media Co-ordinator.

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Important considerations include: space- we need at least 150ft in length and 10ft in width & barriers (in very locations with general public). The track is 250ft in total, however we can supply more or less track depending on the event.

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Where we travel...

We are based in Tyne and Wear, however we can travel across the country to deliver high quality events! Contact us to find out more!

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The Track

Designed and built by the one of leading track suppliers, Miniature Railway Workshop, our track is constructed to be suitable and adaptable for all situations.

Constructed of recyclable box section steel for rail and recycled plastic for sleepers, our track is extremely environmentally friendly. 

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Scamp no3 'Navigtor'

"The Scamp is a small 7¼” gauge sit on locomotive. Powered by a petrol engine and two 800watt electric motors. The 1st of the motors is driven by the engine and acts as a dynamo, this generated power is used to drive the second motor via a reversing switch and electronic speed controller." - CMD Engineering

"The chassis was welded up by Colin and then I built it up on the dining room table, much to the dismay of the then household manager." - Scott Bradley (First owner and builder of Scamp no3)

Scamp no3 is the newest addition to our fleet! It's a very impressive little locomotive! Find out more in this very interesting book by Colin:

Rolling Stock

Our carriage is of all metal construction, it is built with durability and sturdiness in mind. Despite being only 4.5ft long, it can happily carry a family of 4 people up and down the line. Built by a professional company based in Port Talbot.


Our Friends

Woolseys Miniature Railway.jpg

Woolsey's Miniature Railway

Non-profit railway - based in Dacorum

Miniature Railway Workshop.png

Miniature Railway Workshop


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